MPP pushing overhaul of condo act

October 12, 2012 - | Source : Marilyn Lincoln, Condo Culture

Condominium Act of Ontario up for review and what it will mean to you

mpp-pushing-overhaul-of-condo-actQ. I read somewhere a few months ago that the Condominium Act is under review and there may be some significant changes or amendments coming. Could you explain why the act is under review and some of the changes that could occur?
A. The current version of the Condominium Act of Ontario is 14 years old. The province of Ontario has announced it will review the act. Their idea is to work with organizations such as the home builders’ association, Canadian Condominium Institute, ACMO legislative committee and individual condo owners.

Condominium living continues to grow and has become an affordable and popular choice of lifestyle. Half of the new homes sold in the GTA are condominiums and there is an increase of investor owners and landlords as well. It only makes sense there may be a need to update the Condominium Act to increase the knowledge and education of prospective buyers, owners, property managers and boards of directors.

Rosario Marchese, the NDP MPP for Trinity-Spadina in Toronto, brought forward a private member’s bill that calls for changes to the Condominium Act, including the creation of a review board that would allow owners to settle disputes outside of court. Marchese insists a review board would act like a tribunal so owners could take their disputes to a review officer and avoid costly legal battles. His private bill also calls for property managers to be licensed.

It remains to be seen what type of changes will occur to the Condominium Act of Ontario. It will probably take a long time to sort through the proposed amendments. Therefore, until there are any legislative changes we must continue to look to our current Condominium Act for information and guidance regarding condo living.

Q. Is there any government condo board that the owners can consult when they feel all else has failed and they need outside help. We shouldn’t have to hire a lawyer to get things done properly and sometimes feel our hands are tied.

A. The current Condominium Act of Ontario is the law. There are many procedures in the Condominium Act that owners can look to if they need help. The owners could file an application to appoint an inspector or the owners could request the court to appoint an administrator to assume certain powers. There aren’t any condo police, and short of hiring your own personal solicitor the condo act is your best reference regarding matters within your condo community that need to be rectified.

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